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Virtual Coaching Sessions One Evening a Week Completed in the Comfort of Your Home A Change That Lasts  A Lifetime

According to the National Alopecia Areata Foundation: “Alopecia occurs in males and females of all ages and races, but onset most often occurs in childhood. Approximately 6.8 million people in the United States and 147 million worldwide have or will develop alopecia areata at some point in their lives.”

Considering most women never report or seek professional help, especially in the African American community, it is safe to say, if you are not one, you know or have known a woman with some type of alopecia (hair loss). Like myself, many women for many reasons deal with this in silence. It can devastating, embarrassing and depressing. We no longer have to live in silence. It's time to know we are not alone in how we feel regardless of where we are in the process. 

These virtual holistic alopecia life coaching sessions are designed with you in mind.  Sessions are scheduled for a minimum of eight weeks. During this time, you will receive one to one alopecia life coaching in the comfort of your home. Throughout these personalized coaching sessions you will  receive:

  • weekly soul - work assignments
  • weekly soul - work challenges
  • four 30 minute meetings with a professional  licensed cosmetologist 
  • one 45 minute professional consultation with an expert in an area of your life that will augment your journey through the coaching process.
  • exclusive lifetime access to My Bald Game Is Tight! online support community
  • unlimited email access to your Alopecia Life Coach for the duration of coaching contract
  • three complimentary 20 minute telephone support calls during office hours
  • one gifted item of My Bald Game Is Tight! merchandise

The goals of Virtual Alopecia Life Coaching is to empower women with alopecia to boldly and unapologetically face the many emotions it causes, learn maintenance and preventive care by consciously choosing what goes onto and into their body, mind and Spirit, develop life affirming hair care and replacement skills or develop the courage to give it up all together and embrace being bald and beautified. 

We will provide the options. You choose the path best for you. 

This is a no judgement zone. EVERY women will be supported and encouraged to live your best life with alopecia which ever way you choose. How will you feel when you complete your sessions? 


Are you ready to get your bald game tight?



  • Nutrition 
  • Beauty and Hair
  • Skin Care
  • Spirituality
  • And More